welcome to amby lastname's Personal Corner Of The Web™

i make music, play video games, and write shit code. that's about it
i use this website instead of a carrd because i'm way too cool for that and also because i can't fit all my shit into a twitter bio
you can contact me on discord at ambylastname#7968. if you don't have discord, or just really want to, you can dm me on twitter (linked below). i am very active on SkipIRC (mainly #site19 and #thecritters), and sometimes (read: very rarely) active on #xkcd on slashnet + #ardour on libera (plus apionet but if you know what that is you probably already know me)

i have 3 demands:

go visit these pages there might be something cool there some day

spoiler alert all of these are half finished at best and none of them work

this website is a member of the GEORGE webring

please help i am being held hostage by sentient lemons and theyre making me put this on my website